Welcome to Friends of Pimmit Barn

About Us


Friends of Pimmit Barn (FOPB) is a non-profit organization that was organized for historical and educational purposes for the benefit of the Pimmit Hills and Northern VA community to protect the last standing dairy barn inside the beltway. This barn is located at 1845 Cherri Dr. Falls Church, VA 22043. The Mission of FOPB is five-fold:


  • To protect the Pimmit Barn for future generations by, among other activities, supporting its addition to local, state, and federal historical inventories 
  • To rehabilitate, maintain, and enhance the physical structure, and surrounding property of the Pimmit Barn 
  • To prepare and encourage the preparation of educational materials and programs relating to the history of the Pimmit Barn, the Pimmit Hills neighborhood, and the history of Fairfax County, Virginia 
  • To work with public agencies, including but not limited to the Fairfax County Park Authority, to maintain, interpret, and enhance the Pimmit Barn 
  • To collaborate with other like-minded groups to protect and interpret the Pimmit Barn and similar agricultural structures in Fairfax County, Virginia